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About Me

Who Am I?

Hi I'm Victor Gabriel Moreno. This page is here to give insight on my current projects and past experiences. I am currently a 4th year Honours Computer Science major at York University, looking for a potential CO-OP position. I like to program on my freetime, mostly in Swift as I have two IOS applications in progress. I know many languages such as; HTML, CSS, JS, C, SQl, Swift and more. Bar Link is my main application at the moment and there is a link below. Also, the app, "Plans" is my next ongoing project as I have been contracted to complete it. Recently, I have been sponsored by Amazon as a reviewer, currently ranked 211th best worldwide.

I enjoy working out, gambling, swimming and even a little bit of gaming. I currently am self-employed as a free lance web/mobile developer, however I am currently looking for a CO-OP in my field. For more details continue to scroll below.

Amazon Reviewer


Software Programmer

Application Developer

What I do?

Here are some of my current projects

Amazon Sponsored

I review and test Amazon's products in exchange for pay and free products

Personal Coding

Currently learning Python and getting more into depth of the Swift language

Bar Link

A big clubbing app to plan huge weekly events and see where people are headed

Apple Reseller

I sell a wide variety of new Apple products for a great price


In school learning more about creating and managing types of software


A new IOS app in progress, currently I am contracted on this privately

My Specialty

My Skills

I am very skilled in developing web and mobile applications, as I have a lot of experience in these listed langages below. Currently I am learning more as you read this, also I have included my current GPA in my program, as this is a part of my resume. I have other skills that has been tested in sales, personal outreach and project management.













My Education

York University 2016 - Current, I am a 4th year student living on residence, I participate in all the Hackfests and coding competitions. I can't wait to graduate and get an interesting job within the fields of app development like I am currently involved in.

  • Maintaining a GPA of 83% throughout the years
  • In the top 10% of all my coding classes
  • Possibly looking for a CO-OP position

The purpose of this degree was to strengthen my knowledge in the variety of languages and structures, this course took a year of understanding, practice and application. This was a very mind-opening experience for redefining my knowledge in structures. I will probably enroll in another course for a greater depth of knowledge within the next few years.

  • Final grade was a 90% for the year
  • Main coding languages were; Swift, C+, Java

In Barrie, Ontario I attended St. Peters Catholic Secondary High School. I enrolled in all the difficult classes, even took 4 years of French, and all the math and sciences every year. I stayed on top of all my classes and homework, was a great experience with a 93% average as well.

  • Calculus, Physics, Biology and Chemistry were my best classes
  • I would consider myself a math and science student

My Experience

Bar Link App Developer/CEO 2019-Current

I designed, coded and developed this IOS app, using the langauge Swift and Firebase services as a backend for my users. The purpose is to help to connect nightclubs for the party goers and inform them on events, club count, and nearby friends. The requirements are to use the customer's name and number to sign in and then they are connected to all of the Ontario clubs and bars. It is free to use and has no ads.

Plans App Developer (Contracted) 2019-Current

As I finished my previous app I was later contacted to develop an app for a private business, as they liked Bar Link and wanted me to create something similar. I will be using Swift with a database from Firebase to manage users and the content. This is yet another great opportunity to show the world what I can do behind a Macbook Pro and some code.

Google Firebase Data Manager 2018-2019

As I was testing servers with my applications I got really into firebase's realtime database and their cloud functions. I can comfortrably manage servers and data for clients and users with a broad knowledge of the new services in play.

Website Designer/Developer 2017-Current

I have created a large variety of websites for my clients and this one for myself. I prefer to use HTML, CSS, and JS to design my webpages. I believe web design is different than app design as its more tedious and simple so I like to keep heavily organized. This website is the third version of my personal website. I still create websites for clients and I do so very quickly and elegantly.

UI/UX Designer 2016-2017

During my first year at university I was a small UI/UX designer for small websites and few clients, it was a great opening experience to start my coding career. I still get into some UX design on my free time, but I focus more on the development rather than design.

My Work

Recent Projects

Bar Link

IOS Application

10,000 500


IOS Application

1000 99

Project 4

Taser Glove

0 0

Project 5

Website Design

783 0

Project 6

Website Design

0 0

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I am currently ranked 211th on Amazon worldwide as I get free products in exchange for reviews.

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My Apple Store

I sell brand new sealed Apple iPhones, Watches, iMacs and more, they are all with receipts.

My Services
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I offer a list of services from selling Amazon and Apple products, app development and tutoring.

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